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When Alice Walker introduced the term “womanism,” into the feminist lexicon in 1983, she described it as being “to feminist as purple is to lavender.” Womanism seeks to express the black woman’s status as a member of two communities that suffer oppression. In the Civil Rights Movement, the tension between black women and white women arose from the disparity of suffering under gender oppression versus suffering under racial and gender discrimination simultaneously. Put in the position of having to choose which side to stand with and identify with the most, “womanism” situated black women at the center of both communities; the only one who understood what it was like to not benefit from either white or male supremacy.

Sources : The Future of Freedom Foundation . Mr. Hornberger is founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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So the next time you think you love rosé but hate White Zinfandel or vice versa, remember it’s the style of the wine you don’t like, either dry or sweet, because in terms of how they’re made, they are the exact same thing.

Sophie, Hans and Christoph Probst were the first to be brought before the People’s Court on February 22 nd 1943. The People’s Court had been established on April 24 th 1934 to try cases that were deemed to be political offences against the Nazi state. Invariably these trials were nothing more than show trials designed to humiliate those brought before it, presumably in the hope that such a public humiliation would put off anyone else whom might be thinking in the same way as the condemned. All three were found guilty and sentenced to death by beheading. The executions took place the same day.

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White Rose Movement - Testcard GirlWhite Rose Movement - Testcard GirlWhite Rose Movement - Testcard GirlWhite Rose Movement - Testcard Girl